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The Cogimetrics software is designed to be fast related to fulfillment and inventory tracking. The speed necessary for fulfillment performance is tracked and indicated by customer satisfaction and fulfillment statistics. The software will allow for a quick review of current inventories and recommended ordering needs for the next quarter. There are functions that allow for the data to be populated at automated feeds that update every hour based on the API call. Cogimetrics can be set up to be the tracking option for a variety of inventory sources.  

Cogimetrics is a reliable option for tracking inventory and products in relation to both Amazon and your organization. You will be able to manage Amazon inventory and have a good understanding of store replenishment needs. The software will be much more reliable and prevent stockout situations that would lead to no product availability impacting customer satisfaction and Amazon ratings. The software also has the capability to sync with other systems like a website management system improving the overall understanding of all available products and order requirements.  



Cogimetrics is a comprehensive solution that involves a variety of factors related to selling on Amazon and effectively managing your business. The software combined with the Amazon mentorship allows for the experience and ‘lessons learned’ to be a benefit with your organization when making decisions related to selling on Amazon. We have integrated a product database and Amazon listing database that is automatically downloaded from Amazon including SKU, title, ASIN, and additional features to create a more cohesive and functional engagement with Amazon. 

Using Cogimetrics makes significant improvements to a variety of functions for an organization. The inventory management, order placement, fulfillment, integration, and a variety of other functions allows for an agile and responsive engagement. Amazon sellers are required to be responsive and fast acting related to both customers and Amazon requirements. Having Cogimetrics as an agile partner will improve efficiencies and response times to maintain great customer service translating to improved Amazon ratings. 



Cogimetrics software was designed by an Amazon seller for Amazon sellers. The software is intended to be easy to use and manage a variety of aspects related to products, inventory, shipping, and Amazon. Cogimetrics can be integrated with a feed management feature for every source of inventory including various websites. The ease of use is also important for factors such as FBA and understanding product storage. Long term storage fees by Amazon can be understood and actively managed to make decisions related to different storage options and reduced fees.   

Cogimetrics is an opportunity to have insight and support for your organization. The team is interested in being an Amazon mentor with the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years as an Amazon seller. The training and mentorship will grow with the support of the software to be the additional support and understanding required to manage and track products. Our program is one of transition from mentorship and transition as you become more proficient with both the software and selling on Amazon.