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Quartile AI for Amazon Advertising

 SAVE MONEY!  Quartile is an incredibly powerful tool and can be the difference between making a brand successful on amazon and not.  It can also be the difference between being profitable on ad spend and losing money on every sale.  Quartile normally costs $3000 per user per account which is too much for small sellers to justify leaving it as a tool used by only the biggest sellers on Amazon.  However, through our agency, our clients only pay $600/mo for the use of quartile and ALSO get our expertise in setting up campaigns and managing them. If you have ever heard of Quartile, or have looked into it before, you know how amazing of a price that is.  $600 is for the full service Quartile suite managed by us (which is also incredible as quartile is not super-user friendly). 

HOW QUARTILE WORKS – Quartile completely takes over your Ad campaigns (yes you can leave existing campaigns running and unmaged if you prefer).  When we load quartile with your ASINSs, quartile first creates auto-bid campaigns with the target starting bid and then begins to monitor.  As ads are displayed on target keywords, Quartile will then create manual keyword campaigns to the exact match, broad match, and other matching elements to potentially create hundreds of individual manual campaigns for each product.  Quartile then adjusts bids on each campaign frequently based on the performance targets you set.

DOES IT WORK? – Absolutely!  Cogimetrics was established around the best practices used in our own Amazon stores that, combined, do over 8 figures a year.  I have been using quartile for 5 years in these stores and setup the agency account because even with our 8 figure revenues, we could not justify $3000/mo for any one of those stores and we know that the small sellers that could benefit the most from quartile also can never justify the added cost on top of ad spend.

Example Store: Sweetly You.  This store is a candy store selling rebranded candy.  Keywords are all generic keywords competing against scores of other sellers.  The line was started in 2020 and has always used quartile and has grown from 10k/mo in Fall 2020 to 100k/mo in peak (NOV-APR).  Summer slows as candy is not FBA eligible in Summer.

Example Store: This store retails a branded product.  Store uses a lower target ACOS because margin is an issue as a retailer and the goal is to only compete on branded keywords to grow market share and sales predictability relative to competitors.  Key Value of Quartile for this store is that it will naturally increase buy-box percentage of seller for keywords the product already ranks for and smooth out sales over time. Also ensures that the client does not overspend on Ads.

CONTACT US: Contact us today at 435-500-6994 to learn more about Quartile. We don’t operate this program as a for profit venture in mind.  We have limits on how many stores we are allowed to use in our quartile account and we pay an additional fee for each store.  The reason we offer this service is because our customers need this to be successful and we wan’t to cover the cost of the software that we need for our own stores but can’t justify the full price.  Reserve your spot today by calling Justin at 435-500-6994