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Fulfillment Strategy

Hybrid FBA

Most sellers have a Love-Hate relationship with FBA.  They know that to be competitive they must have product available FBA, love the low cost shipping on heavy item, but hate just about everything else about it (e.g. unbearable storage fees, missing inventory, overly generous return policies, etc.) Unlike other fulfillment centers, we realize that you need to have inventory at amazon, but it is no longer feasible to send large quantities of items to amazon.  We store your inventory at our facility, create both an FBA listing and a merchant fulfilled listing tied to inventory stored here, and then send a weekly replenishment to FBA based on your sell through.  That way you never have more than 2 months of inventory at amazon and if inventory becomes unavailable for any reason, there is a merchant fulfilled listing to back it up so you are never out of stock.  Plus, we will integrate with your online store, wholesale, and even other marketplaces and fill all of those orders from the same pool of inventory.

Our system was designed around the needs of our own stores and one of the most crucial needs we had was very accurate inventory numbers so that order cancellation rates are VERY low.   Plus, we choose to support clients in a semi-automated way, meaning that while we rely on automation for some things, key steps are done manually to make sure nothing gets missed.  For example, while we export orders via software, we manually process orders through sellercentral simply because the direct interaction with orders in seller central allows us to get the best rates on shipping, ensures A-Z claims for INR are covered, ensures the right shipping service is used, and no orders get missed.

Highly Accurate


Cogimetrics offers options to support every part of your business.  Fulfillment services are available for Online Stores (Website, Amazon, other 3rd Party) and Wholesale.  Plus, for your Online Stores we can also handle customer support and marketing.  Through our partnership with Think Big Marketing, we handle up to 100% of the work involved in having online stores, supporting customers, and maintaining inventory.

 As far as we know, we have the lowest fulfillment rates found anywhere in the country.  Pricing is based on the type of products you sell and complexity of typical orders, but sending units to Amazon in ready to sell form can be done for less than Amazon charges to bag an item for you.  For most customers, the service pays for itself in reduced shipping costs (via strategic shipping), and avoiding amazon bagging fees, labeling fees, inventory placement fees.  Plus, for merchant fulfilled orders, most clients pay $1/order (generally includes packaging) plus $1/unit (Adjusted based on complexity of shipment).  

Ridiculously Cheap

Simple Storage

Direct to consumer fulfillments centers have tremendous space challenge in that every unit must be readily available to pick to fill orders.  This means that every unit needs to be within 7 feet of the floor, and boxes cannot be stacked on top of each other and every box must be accessible from a walkway.  Consequently, a single pallet + walkway in front is 27 square feet.  At a warehouse cost of $12/sqf/yr, it actually costs $27/month to store a pallet and if product is placed on shelving for pick and pack, the actual cost doubles.  We subsidize these costs to keep it simple.  If 5 boxes fit on a 4-shelf rack the length of 2 pallets then it costs $54/month to store 20 boxes (cost of $2.5/box).  However, because we already have the facilities for our own operations, much of the costs are covered making it possible for us to only charge $1/box per month and $15/mo for pallets.  For most small to mid-size business, it will be cheaper to use our facilities than have your own.

We believe firmly in letting our service speak for itself.  Services can be suspended at any time and Storage is charged on the first of each month for the boxes presnt at that time so as long as inventory is removed before beginning of month, there will be no additional storage charges.

No Lenghtly Contracts