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About Cogimetrics

Cogimetrics is has created an inventory management software system that tracks orders, sales, and deliveries. We are Amazon consulting experts that can organize and facilitate a variety of Amazon requirements to help you achieve your Amazon selling goals. In addition, the Cogimetrics program includes additional input as a mentor program to provide input and assistance to help with your business and Amazon selling needs. 

Warehouse Management

Cogimetrics is a warehouse management software system that controls and processes daily warehouse operations from the time materials and goods enter a warehouse until they are audited and out of the warehouse. The software is especially useful with splitting options and determining needs for a particular shipment.  

Amazon Consulting

Cogimetrics consists of Amazon consulting experts that can (assist) you in managing your Amazon sales channel through strategic guidance, keyword research, product listing, and reporting. We offer a professional and personalized service to create a lasting impression on our clients to induce a positive atmosphere with a communicative environment.

Integrated Website

Cogimetrics currently has the ability to generate an inventory update based on website information related to products and inventory.  The current system can keep web store information current and updated.  There are additional features in development to integrate Magento and allow for a richer and better search engine optimization. 

Amazon FBA Logistics

Cogimetrics has tools available to support labeling, splitting shipments, and pack listing to better perform with Amazon FBA requirements.